Friday, January 23, 2009


  • Jeff and Benares and Tom Thumb and Brown Bird at "Calico, 173 Union Street, right in between The GreenBean and Salon Lola!" That's their press. I wouldn't know. It looks like a very nice hipster doll clothing store to me. But: music.
  • I think I get it now. The reason the local newspaper is so full of mistakes and the radio station is unlistenable is corollary to the old Muslim artist story. He would put into each extraordinarily intricate geometric design one very very subtle flaw. "Because," he would explain, "only Allah is perfect." Thus, the local media are being respectful of God's perfection.
  • Or, maybe it's the control thing. Since these weak pretenders to media professionalism feel powerless and controlled by their lack of resources and talent, they have to exercise their power over something by installing their own blemish into their reportage of that reality. It's a kind of vandalism; like a tag that claims something as one's own, like rubbing turds on it. You see this sort of thing in bad grammar and mispronunciations and the spelling on teh Internetz.
  • Either way, it's sort of pathetic.
  • Speaking of pathetic, some guy claims that there is history apparently buried under the geological formations under Fall River in a piece he did for about the Fall River History Club, a new organization that promises to have "no organization" (gotta love that honesty) and doesn't have an insipid and contrived acronym. Unless you pronounce FRHC as "frick." As in "fricking."
  • Perhaps "Save Our History" (SOH) sounded too much like "So?"
  • Which is, unfortunately, the response most people give to most mentions of history.
  • Plus: "bailiwick." O RLY?

  • I was, however, looking at history, how the Obama campaign developed, and I remember this:
  • And yes, History has gifted me plenty, and I appreciate it all more than you'll ever know.
  • Wooden boats. Remember?
  • John Cleese is still working with his daughter Camilla on the stage musical version of A Fish Called Wanda.

  • And: One more time...

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