Friday, January 30, 2009


  • Why do news people think that it's okay to complain that newsmakers don't call them? If I hear or read the phrase "telephone calls haven't been returned" one more time...
  • First: don't write a story about someone's reaction to an event without first getting their reaction to the event. To do so is just dumb shoddy reporting. You can't blame them if you don't know their opinion. That isn't deflection. That's just stamping your lazy little feet.
  • Second: If a newsmaker doesn't contact you, there may be legitimate logistical complications. Like: they're busy giving interviews to other news outlets. The ones who aren't manned by talent-disenhanced narcissists.
  • Or they might question your credibility. This is the case with the radio station, since the midday host on the local wireless mentions it so many times, you would think that it's a station selling point. WSAR: (dundunDUN) THEY DON'T RETURN OUR CALLS!
  • This is the same guy, by the way, who, after reading the news for three hours during the morning show, starts his own talk show and then, when asked about a specific news issue by a caller, apologizes for not having read the news.
  • There's a surprisingly salient and informative discussion (in which I had been participating) at Lefty's A View From Battleship Cove. In all of the media in Fall River, I have never heard even a mention of the creative economy. So, here's a blogger doing the yeoman work that even the Chamber and various "economic" entities can't.
  • "Surprisingly" I say because for a town full of freakishly savvy self-styled and actual experts on politics and government, they rarely discuss creative industries without saying something about "The Ahts" and how "nobody makes money at them ahts..."
  • What fascinates me about the judicious and intelligent online conversation is that one can actually see lights turning on for some commenters. That is encouraging, given online comment sections' track records as bulwarks of one-line partisan insults and puerile personal attacks.
  • Even the anonymite who keeps insisting that someone is suggesting some kind of "an elitist artists colony" seemed to slow his cut-and-paste repetition of his baseless assumption after it had been satisfyingly addressed, corrected, and rejected several times.
  • I'm glad that I could take part in it. Take a look .
  • According to this article, donating a kidney is a great healthy alternative to not donating a kidney. Keep that in mind when I call because mine have finally gone out. Which is unlikely to happen anytime soon, according to recent estimates by my nephrological team.
  • A common lament about Fall River is the lack of entertaining outlets and the coincident lack of marketing. Tonight: Michelle Shocked at the Narrows Center for the Arts. That'll learn ya.
  • Other communities have more creative ideas about the creative economy, including -- within the broad heading -- real estate:


B.O.B.(bob) said...

Oh Bugger. I forgot 'chelle was in da rivah tonight. Damn, don't think I'm going to be able to make it down there.

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karie said...

The beginning of this post had me belly-laughing.

But, that video was SO unbearably creepy. My skin is crawling.