Monday, February 2, 2009

Apponogansett Tommy

We're not sure why he's outside Apponogansett Tommy reminds people that, no matter what semantics the other mammals declare, there are forty-six days until the vernal equinox. (Roughly six and a half weeks left in the season of Winter.) Tommy's personal tender admits that the meterorologically-inclined mammal "doesn't hibernate so much as indulge in a felicitous lifestyle, between lengthy napping periods, that includes eating, driving his feet into sleeping peoples' shoulders, and eating."

2009 APPONOGANSETT TOMMY FUNFACT™:Yet he still can dance rather well

He has two left feet


Andrew Weiss said...

You would not believe how impressed (and unsuprised) I am that you have a top hat ready for such occasions.

ThirdMate said...

Thanks for that. Of course, the official story is that the Apponogansett Tommy Obvious Pronouncement of Historical Apparency Taskforce supplies them to all tenders.