Monday, February 2, 2009

James Joyce

I looked everywhere for a shot of Joyce and a boat. Statue in Trieste good enough?The folk who can appreciate -- or even recall -- the works of James Joyce are getting fewer in number, or at least less vocal, so I commemorate his birthday here for those who can and are. The music of his words tripped the ballet of his syntax, but so few remember how purely entertaining James Joyce could be.
I can recall late night teevee hosts' clever references to Ulysses and the Saturday morning cartoons, the charming interpretations like Mister Magoo's Dubliners and the much-misunderstood Flintstones' Wake.
I often regret losing my Portrait of the Artist lunchbox on that field trip that time. Those are as hard to come by as the Stephen Dedalus action figures.
But at least in these post-literate times, our birthday boy still has more Facebook fans (9,685) than Billy Mays (5705). Note the 'no recent activity' bit So there's that.

(UPDATE! 12 hours later! Joyce: 10,135 Facebook fans; Mays: 5,794)

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