Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Mardi Gras Feminism is Showing

No. This year, there will be no fuzzy pictures of bead-seeking girls with with low self-esteem. Although I so have a lovely pic of Marisa Tomei. And a pretty nice one of Whoopi Goldberg. Yes, the Oscar™s happened and the MSN people made a funny at Whoopi's expense. BTW, how are MSNBC and CNBC affiliated? One treats the stock market like it's a

and the other, well, like it's simple Ladies' Night Texas Hold'em. Which is what it is. Really.
Anyway, I'm logging out of my HotMail account and I spy this dainty little promo pic, beckoning a blithe come-hither:
Sharing a meal with friends is a sure way to enjoy the Academy Awards, won't you?But something's wrong. (Besides the "I thought Marisa Tomei was Diane Lane for a second there" thing.) If I were the kind of person who sees fatty insults everywhere (and frankly, I have put on a little more cargo than anticipated this Winter) I would also be the kind of person who would jump up and down waving his flabby arms and screaming "FOUL!"
Yeah, okay. Whoopi's leopard-spot getup is so last December. But that's no reason to call her a "What."
Especially when wiry Marisa gets to be "Who."
So, in case anyone were wondering about the woman that Marisa wasn't, here's that Diane Lane (so that you can tell them apart), displaying some very nice beading. Enjoy your Fat Tuesday appropriately.
So, the picture like FOUR years old, but, really, aren't we all...

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