Friday, February 6, 2009


  • The stimulus plan would extend broadband internet service into rural areas. A lot of people criticize this as a waste due to factors that sound to me like the same ones people use about commuter rail service to the SouthCoast.
  • I can hear the same people who have been complaining that the Southcoast doesn't need commuter rail because, well, nobody will use it because they have cars that bring them to Boston, and it's a waste of money. I hear people saying that it'll be like you spent a bunch of money to give hayseeds access to broadband that they won't use because they don't have computers or the savvy to use them.
  • Imagine if they decided to not build interstate highways in some states because not enough people owned cars.
  • On the other hand, the City of Newport and the State of Rhode Island aren't afraid to put $5million into the Oliver Hazard Perry. Which, according to former shipmate Professor Timothy Walker of UMass-Dartmouth, is a great investment.
    “Today cities realize they benefit from having a flagship for their community,”said Timothy Walker, who teaches maritime history at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. “It’s a way to be really visible and make an impression that can travel. It can literally fly the flag for a community.”
    Says so in the Times. Must be true. And I believe him, because we both sailed on a ship that -- although a miserable failure -- could actually have been a model for community ambassadorship. (I haven't forgotten about you guys, Cap. I just have to wait for it to lie down before I can commit to a course. In other words: "Calendar issues.")
  • "The crisis will make Americans look at themselves closer. ... I hope it will, because it is always best when you start at home first," she [Cindy McCain] told The Associated Press. From her hotel room in Dubai. (Granted, she was "on her way" to volunteer at maternity hospitals in Cambodia and India.)
  • If I were looking at myself "closer" and started "at home first," I am certain that a hotel in Dubai would not be my initial humanitarian endeavor.
  • As a matter of fact, I would start with not using the word "crisis" all the time.
  • So, while we won't call it a crisis, this place from my childhood is, according to the headline in the EastBayRI/Sakonnet Times, selling itself at auction to itself, which I don't think is either ethical or possible. (I could've told them that the Bach Party Nights wouldn't go over.)But hiring Vito Scotti to spin tunes was a stroke of genius!


bigsam27 said...

Girls Gone Baroque!!!
The music will be pumping all night with hot hits like Air on the G String!
For the girls... Strut your stuff in the Hot Bach-ini Contest!
For the guys... Bring your Big Organ and play it all night long!
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! At Tiverton’s Li’l Bear!

A Greasy Spoon© Production

ThirdMate said...

When I started "Soles'n'Bowls," it was because I had these little unfinished ideas that I never got around to fleshing out.

Now, I can leave the "flesh" part to more determined hands. Thanks, bigsam!