Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Important Day

In case, dear anonymous possible seeker of Pope Gregory, you also may be, like many of us, seeking some sort of excuse to celebrate something -- anything -- during this, the last week of The Winter That Refused to Die, H.M.S. Impossible presents a few choices for your possible jubilance:
Let's see, it's Lesley-Anne Down's birthday... Without makeup, wardrobe, and such, she's just another mere pretty mortal... It's Kurt Russell's birthday, as well as that of bass player Gary Sinise, both of whom you can find on this little list.
Wish Christian Clemenson a Happy Birthday... As Socrates Poole, the greatest side-kick everAnd Danny Ainge... Not playing baseball here.and it's also drummer Caroline Corr's BIRTHDAY! Now, which beautiful, talented, Irish kid are you again? Funny story: I was in New York City, delivering some exotic and expensive plants or other, and my way was blocked by what appeared to be a film crew setting up for some newsbody's stand-up in front of some building. I dropped the plants off at their intended destination, got a coffee, and wandered back. Imagine my surprise -- if you will, and if you have any capacity for empathy -- when I turned the corner and saw The Corrs, the Adult-ContempoPop sensation from Ireland! Playing lovely music right there on the street. The four stopped playing rather abruptly and -- calling upon my background in sound engineering -- I could tell that they were just sound-checking for what appeared to be a live bit on some morning chat show. The youngest sister (an absolute dazzler at seven in the morning) pointed what was either her lovely finger or her tin whistle and shouted, "Hey! Can you come over, listen to us?" Of course, when I turned the corner, there was a small crowd already there, and we all stood and appreciatively listened to "Forgiven, Not Forgotten" from their debut disc Forgiven, Not Forgotten. Afterwards, I got to meet the band, except for the drummer. Who, as it turns out, is Caroline.
So, "Happy Birthday!" to her.
But there's something about her nationality and that "Celtic" green uniform that suggests some other thing. I mean, besides Evacuation Day...


Chuck said...

I think I know what you were hinting about but didn't really say. Today is a special day. So remember - Tuesday is Soylent Green day.

Andrew Weiss said...

The day is and will always be Evacuation Day, as that's what I got a paid holiday for.

I prefer your take on this gag to mine, for the record.

ThirdMate said...

I absolutely insist that everyone read Andrew's "take on this gag" because I'll be stealing it next year. (Except, I'll probably do more on the Halifax 17 March tradition of "Who's Doing WHAT Now? Day.")

That, or I'll publish the pics of Lesley-Anne Down "suggested" by Google™ that inspired the alt text. rowr