Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Bedford Fisheries Monument

Waitaminnit.. That black-and-white guy behind that lady... Keeps yelling that he is not a number...I can't believe that I've been sitting on this story by Standard-Times reporter Jennifer Lade (who has made it to the semi-finalist round in the S-T's Last Reporter Left Writing reality show). Apparently, the sexist-and-noninclusively-titled-but-sure-to-not-bother-anyone-in-The-SouthCoast...

...winning design for the New Bedford Fishermen's Monument was revealed Friday night at the New Bedford Whaling Museum... Joseph Ingoldsby's design of a granite fishing vessel was chosen from six finalists by the Fishermen's Tribute Fund committee. The completed design will grace the northeast corner of Fort Taber by the harbor entrance.
"I think it's important that New Bedford have a monument that's going to stand the test of time," the Marshfield artist said at the fundraising event, billed as The Big Reveal... Ingoldsby said he spoke with naval architects, fishermen and fishing boat captains as he did research for his design.(no mention of whether he spoke with the architects of Portmeirion, Wales)
It calls for a granite structure based on the eastern rig scallop boat. The granite will match the nearby Fort Taber, he said, and the deck of the boat could be used for ceremonies and celebrations.

Really, it's a real place. With a Stone Boat.
And also for filming Sixties cult television shows starring Patrick McGoohan.


Large said...

Would that be the ghost of Mr. McGoohan in the top picture with he dark jacket and white trim ?

I still like the "Dead whale or a stove boat" bookends my father has..

Harpooners,dorymen,netmakers,sinners and saints,all of them... god bless and preserve their memories one and all

Anonymous said...

I wish the paper had a better picture of it without the fat ugly dresses behind it. Did they make it shaped like a fishingboat so stupid people know it's a fishermans memorial?

Anonymous said...

A "granite fishing vessel," you say? Do they fish for granite off New Bedford?

ThirdMate said...

Nice catch. But most of the granite is in the mills in Fall River.

Where I grew up in Rhode Island, I used to hear people call striped bass "rockfish."

"Rockfish" is, of course, Gandolph Finch's pet name for Jim Rockford. Who enjoyed recreational fishing. AND there's a Rockford Granite Company in Rockford, Minnesota.

I wonder what else can be caught in my stream of consciousness.

Large said...

If only they stopped at the main monument (deck house) and the mast,...

yeah,.. one for the history books,..

it doesn't sing,.. and speaks too much of the beach for me..