Friday, April 3, 2009


  • If they're going to do a theatrical musical version of Green Day's American Idiot, what about Will Farrell's show? Are we to just forget that?
  • Speaking of the massive excitement brought on by the rapt anticipation of next Tuesday's Dartmouth Town Elections: I expect every resident to do their duty with the customary wisdom and gentility expected of the citizens of my fine village.
  • It is Tuesday, right? Because Monday is Opening Day at Fenway. And, well....
  • I have found that a few moments of actual Twenty-First Century news, watched in judiciously controlled doses, can be heartening and discouraging both.
  • So I stopped.
  • For instance: By a number of televised reports that I regarded on Monday -- the SouthCoast experienced a "tremor event" which allegedly incorporated a loud retort and rumbling, auscultated in locations as widely distributed as Tiverton Rhode Island and Wareham Massachusetts.
  • The geographical distance between which, according to locals, is as far as humans can travel without the need for technological preparations to combat the effects of foreign atmosphere.
  • That, and the inordinate fear of "them people."
  • The livestock around this old manse seemed perturbed, and so I dove in for a brief romp of the realm of caybull teevee news.
  • The landscape was peopled by blubbering idiots and giggling dingbats who both seemed incapable of speaking comprehensible English or dressing appropriately. It seems that uttering a full sentence without a wink or glib tone is simply impossible, and the only actual fact that I could discern about the meteorological/geological event was that the United States Geological Survey Team stationed nearby admitted that they had no explanation.(Nor even the Weston Observatory , who had felt the Boston one last week, nor the Woods Hole USGS Science Center for Coastal and Marine Geology, nor the group covering Mount Redoubt) so it must have had something to do with UFOs or a big spy laser.
  • Someday, I'll relate my really cool UFO story. If I haven't already. I'll check.
  • Of course, yesterday morning, Albany New York had some kind of event that registered 2.2 on their scale and Williston South Carolina residents reacted to a 2.6 happening. But nothing about Fairhaven Massachusetts.
  • However, all is not for naught, because now I can watch the really cool USGS site that only reconfirms my belief that The Beach is just as stable -- or unstable -- as anywhere else.
  • Remember Mike Perham? The kid that's single-handing it around the world? Sure, you might think that he's one of those "crazy circumnavigators" you hear so much about, but he's got corporate sponsors and plenty of of them, as well as a huge support network. And that, I suspect is because he's probably a nice guy, unlike all the other whackjobs who've tried it. He's probably passed Australia by now.
  • And then: there's this:

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