Friday, April 17, 2009


  • So, guess where I was last night. Go ahead.
  • Here's an especial hint for all the participants of the Million Moron Marches held on Wednesday:The guy on the right
  • That's right, I took the Cute Redhead to see the Redheaded Stranger, Willie Nelson, at New Bedford's Zeiterion. I must say that I prefer smaller venues for acts like Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters though. Not an arena rocker.
  • 83 year-old Ray Price was magnificent.
  • The one techie distraction was the way the Texas flag kept dropping out of -- and then disappearing into -- the flies. No mention of secession, though.
  • I apologize to my Sub-Continental friend who, after Googling™ "free mardi gras showin bob," What's urdu for 'chicks with low self-esteem'?and faithfully following the link to here, found that I did not have any for him.
  • Free or not, I haven't seen bob in months.
  • But such are the failings of an online journal whose sole contributor is not omniscient. Like so many others.
  • Even though I have an acute and chronic fear of letting other people down (probably a consequence of continual disappointment and disillusionment), I have come to think of this lively experiment as more than an online journal. As also a shared calendar, a reminder of when I should be hearing peepers or changing the storm windows or celebrating Alyson Hannigan's birthday.
  • March 24. Which, yes, I forgot again, so you can see how, after five or so years, I have tended to slacken a bit.
  • I will, however, take this moment to urge everyone to celebrate Liz Phair's birthday in an appropriate manner. Today.
  • Here's a musical talkie moving picture of a song from Exile in Guyville. People will say that she hasn't aged since 1993, but neither have I, and I know more swear words now.
  • But I can tell you that I was glad to have this cranking just moments from the end of a bit of my life that I title My Overlong & Mis-spent Adolescence. Pick it up wherever self-indulgent paperbacks are shoved.

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karie said...

Even stranger thatn the Texas flag appearing and disappearing repeatedly, I found the fact the Billy Bob Thornton - in the opening act, held a cigarette throughout his performance, but never seemed to actually smoke it. It was like a nervous tick. And then there were the odd moments where he handed drum sticks out to the audience (or maybe those were cigarettes). Anyway, thank you for taking me to the show. Ray Price was awesome, and Willie to just be in the same "room" with the man!