Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...and then my Town Meeting post apology

Now, remember that I am from the Eighteenth Century and that was a time of political upheaval and questioning of authoritative bodies. In many cases that "questioning" actually resulted in the removal of some heads from authoritative bodies.
Recently (like, in the last four decades or so), I have been entertained by mock trials of Lizzie Borden, Oscar Wilde, and Guy Fawkes. I have worked in historical interpretation and living history. And there's no reason to believe that I have not been a Chucks-wearing member of The Society for Creative Anachronism at one time because there was this one gal...
So, as you can understand, I have seen and lived and reconciled many points of historical reference. And that's why I sometimes describe Town Meeting as "quaint."
But quaint doesn't mean ineffectual, and sometimes -- even in matters of personnel -- you have to get the whole town together to come up with the right solution. Yesterday's Dartmouth Town Meeting did exactly that in the case of the Youth Advocate position which was in danger of no longer existing.
If one knew nothing about Dartmouth politics and personalities, one would think, "The Finance Committee has made a recommendation to eliminate a Town position because there is no money to fund it. Well, there you have it."
But one might not be aware of the clumsy smear job that attempted to discredit the individual who holds that position. Cheap politics at its lowest.
Then, the FinCom just says, "Eliminate the position."
(The FinCom is chaired by a well-known conservative nutjob who used to write -- for the local paper -- denials of global climate change, generally to just make fun of Al Gore . Friedman currently cuts and pastes a bunch of sites that publish oil'n'gas company propaganda, paranoid screeds about "TRUTH" and self-aggrandizing justifications of his position as a regular guy who loathes where he works because he believes the Republican cant about Universities are full of ultra-liberal granola-eating politically-correct Al Gore-loving book-larnin' smartypantses. Even though he's a professor.)
And then Michael P. Watson, another guy on the FinCom, whips out his sliderule and figures out a way to fund the position. Same Numbers, same Finance Committee.
And the Town Meeting saves the guy's job.
And that's why, today, I'm celebrating Lili St Cyr's birthday. She's no Honey Suckle Duvet

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