Friday, June 12, 2009


  • I've been preparing the estate for a Summer of the neighbor's bad lawncare maintenance choices. I have many apologies and designs for tall arbor vitae mazes.
  • Amazing what this new Information Age has done to people's ability to remain interested.
  • Five years. If you count the year that I deleted.
  • So, anyway: Tall Ships Rhode Island's brilliantly-conceived -- and so far brilliantly-dispatched -- project, Oliver Hazard Perry (whom see), our very own 207 foot-long Class-A Tall Ship™, is coming along swimmingly, and you should read about it, or possibly drive to Newport or Warren Rhode Island to look for it. The article isn't really that clear.
  • Although it should be a wildly-known and widely-observed occasion (well, at least I've been commemorating it since January), tomorrow is Paul Cuffe Day in Westport Massachusetts, where, a couple centuries ago, he was a hard-working and successful local business owner who gave back to his community. That is, until partisan opportunists started projecting all over him and ownershipped him into a wealthy supply-side minority entrepreneur who fought against taxes.
  • Tomorrow, I will celebrate a guy who saw wood for ships waiting in local forests and minds working in local fields. And then he did something.
  • BBC says: "Element 112 has become the latest and heaviest addition to the periodic table, but it doesn't yet have a name." I suggest "tomlehrerium."
  • Dude, I so forgot Maria Africa Gracia Vidal's birthday. And this imprudent nitwittedness must not stand!The airport in Barahona, Dominican Republic, is named for her. What have YOU got?
    Happy Belated Birthday, Maria Montez!

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