Friday, June 26, 2009


Also, Charleston Harbor Fest 2009. Have fun.

This madman is the poet; and his choice
The choice of them who leave the charted streams
To follow freedom with her siren voice,
And drift athwart the haunted gulf of dreams.
Wild the nocturnal wind, and grim the sea
To those who violate her mystery;
Yet better than safe ships that dread no gale.
The wanderer's broken raft and ragged sail.

St. John Lucas, "The Ship and the Raft"

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karie said...

The Phantoms of the Orpheum "rope light" tour was a really magical experience. The many costumed volunteers and tour guides did a great job. The inside of that old building - the theater - the balcony - the ballroom - INCREDIBLE! The best part was the "ghostly" vaudeville routine projected onto the stage, with fog and all. (VERY NICE WORK!)

I hope the building can be saved and renovated. Judging by the lines of people waiting to get in to have a tour (I don't think I have ever seen a line like that in NB - happy people, and over many hours) maybe it will be. That would be so great!