Friday, June 19, 2009


  • Since, as an individual, I, and as a civilization, we, have moved past the histdramical reinterponstration phase of development (except for these CivWarStinkyWool types) I'm always on the lookout for instances of quaint and nostalgic costum'd street characters.
  • And wouldn't you know it? The Whaling City, New Bedford, claims to have just such anachronistic exemplars, according to this article from SouthCoastToday (the online version of what used to be the local newspaper),"We have a living history program with costumed interpreters, and we'll be offering them guided tours and providing maps for self-guided tours."
  • I would have thought that the recent Sam Rockwell movie would have nailed the lid on that reinterponstration stuff.
  • Also, the City (or one of its quasi-not-city-ental arms) has announced, through press release: "American Cruise Lines (ACL) made its first trip to New Bedford June 8 with 15 more visits scheduled for the 2009 season. In lieu of the troubled economy we find it most encouraging that our cruise business remains strong. ACL has been coming to the Port for several years now. In 2008, we negotiated a 5-year contract with ACL committing their visits to New Bedford."
  • "In lieu of the troubled economy." Really? No wonder they only got a 5-year contract. I bet if they'd said "in light of," ACL would be building accomodations on the waterfront.
  • Other cities are anticipating Summer weekends filled with TallShips™, except that since there haven't been any Pirates of the Caribbean movies lately and pirates are getting some bad press, these towns are coming up with "New Marketing" means to raise awareness and motivate consumers.
  • One way is to just have one swell ship, like Picton Castle, just show up like in Gloucester.
  • Another way is to keep a controversy brewing for months in the media by first having your Mayor say that the Tall Ships won't be coming . And then, when the fabricated outcry is enough, then say that they might dock . And then, when all seems lost, announce that they'll be here and open for tours, but no parade. They'll just sneak in.
  • Many of the ships appearing in various East Coast ports are participating in the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge .
  • from the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge site:
    The fleet will gather in Vigo on the northwest corner of Spain (30 April - 3 May) for the start of the first race in the series, 900 nautical miles south-south-west to Tenerife in the Canary Islands (14 - 17 May). From there, the fleet will race the 2,600 nautical miles westward to Bermuda (11 - 15 June) where the ships and crews will be the centrepiece of the island’s celebrations of its 400th anniversary. The fleet will then race to Charleston
    on the US east coast (25 - 29 June) before proceeding to
    Boston, Mass (8 - 13 July). A cruise in company of a further 370 miles north-north-east to Halifax (16 - 20 July), where celebrations include the 250th anniversary of the Naval Port, will be followed by a final race starting on Monday 20 July of 2,350 nautical miles eastbound across the North Atlantic to Belfast, Northern Ireland (13 - 16 August) which will host the series’ grand finale celebrations.
  • You'll notice that some ships aren't actually racing, but are showing up in port anyway. For the nifty ship model that sailed around the British Isles, doing little to dissuade many people who believed it to be Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl, this is no surprise. (They're also not coming to Boston. My guess is because the docents deckhands were sick of being corrected by former crew.)
And if you thought that An Inconvenient Truth caused a lot of bickering among the "it'll grow back" crowd, wait'll they see this:


steve said...

Is it that the end of our generation will coincide more or less with the end of the modern age? That is, when the oceans no longer yield fish on an industrial scale and oil no longer comes forth from the earth in the amounts required, will mankind meet Mr. Malthus?

ThirdMate said...

Those zany Anglican catastrophists.

karie said...

That's grim, dark, scary.

I had to Google Malthus.

OH, yeah..thanks for the COOL sailing vessel info!

karie said...

What happened to "Soles n' Boles"???