Friday, July 3, 2009


  • Since I was so hard on News Corp. this week and on newspapers in general, here's a little story (from the Wall Street Journal, no less) about cryptologist Lawren Smithline, Ph.D., who cracked a code that may have puzzled Thomas Jefferson, sent to him by his pal Robert Patterson, who shared Jefferson's partiality to Eighteenth Century sudoku.
  • Consult the TallShip™ Tracker and check your favorite TallShip's™ head as it's heading to Sail Boston'09.
  • I'm betting that some are toodling around NYC.
  • In the meanwhile, enjoy responsibly whatever commemoration that you choose of Thomas Jefferson's two-hundred thirty-three year-old living cryptographic political potboiler, The Declaration of Independence. I may even be reading it (ignoring, of course, the parts about "savages") and thanking Creation for continuing to allow the citizens of this great nation to continue to plod, gaffe, jive, strut, tread, venture, reckon, and fathom. Also: hand, reef, and steer. Remain unafraid.
I admit that the swivel gun is a Quaker. But the tricorn is ALL BUSINESS.

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karie said...

Thanks for the link to that cool government website with the Charters of Freedom.

Celebrate Independence Day with Pride!