Friday, July 17, 2009


  • Lots of mariners relegate "nostalgia" to the work skiff made off to an ver-r-r-ry long painter.
  • That doesn't mean that I can't pass a few markers remembering that twenty years ago this very week, I was looking forward to working at Fall River's new news/talk/entertainment radio station, WHTB.
  • George Herbert Walker Bush was President of the United States. Michael Keaton was Batman, and Tiananmen Square was still in our minds, and I had just finished reading The Satanic Verses, which I had picked up in the Tampa airport for the ride home from one of my big failed teevee adventures.
  • Could I redeem my media cred by working for this new outlet in the town where I was born? Where people knew my family and my name?
  • The short answer, of course, is "No." Because there are some small people. And some small radio stations.
  • I don't know what's easier to write about.
  • Newport is hosting the Black Ships Festival, commemorating Commodore Perry's opening of Japan to the West, popularizing black lacquer and faux bamboo in furniture for many generations. Also: taiko.
  • On the other hand, the 54th annual Westport Agricultural Fair opened Wednesday, with tractor pulls every night. No guarantee of this kind of action though:


karie said...

both are excellent athletic practices and entertainments.
Oh, and FUN!

cat said...

I should have left the mute on. The dancing was SWEET! That *ahem* woman on the stage was annoying. Oh, and now I want a tractor. :)

steve said...

FYI, Newport followed May`s Shimoda Black Ship Festival, advertised as a "Timeslip to the End of the Shogun Era" (下田で「幕末タイムスリプ」.
Check out Newport`s kindred spirits at