Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Charles W. Morgan readying to whale sail again. (Economy willing, of course)

(A friend in Chicago hepped me to this yesterday. Why are we always the last to know about this stuff?) This is from the Boston Herald:

MYSTIC, Conn. — Trustees at Mystic Seaport are considering whether to restore what they call the world’s last wooden whaling ship so it can sail again.
Museum officials announced Tuesday that they’re studying the feasibility of restoring the Charles W. Morgan, which was built in 1841 and named a National Historic Landmark in 1966.
Trustees plan to review the study results late next month and make a decision. The museum has already begun a $6 million renovation of the ship, and upgrades to make it sail again would cost an extra $2 million...
There's more here. Me? I'm just trying to assemble all of the pieces of New Bedford's real last whaler Me and Wanderer. NBWM has a topmast. Part of the main is in front of the Kinsale in Mattapoisett. I have a neat picture.-- Wanderer -- and get back to "orderly development of the whaling industry." Just like the International Whaling Commission wants.


karie said...

And I was disturbed by underground dog-fighting in the USA, and black market organ trading!!! This "official" activity just turned over my recently consumed lunch (not the Morgan, the IWC...although I am going to have to think about the news of the Morgan for a bit).

steve said...

Well, impoverished Americans are increasingly buying seeds, starter chicks, and guns for their backyard plots, chicken coops, and free-fire zones, so who's surprised to see the rebuilding of our sailing whalers? Take that, OPEC! Is it "green" if the whale travels from fjord to fork without the whaler using fossil fuel?

ThirdMate said...

YIPES! I knew I shouldn't have mentioned those pesky Estonian whalers.