Thursday, August 27, 2009

Congratulations, Mike

For those of you who have clicked on the Mike Perham link down in The Gam section on the starboard rail and discovered the gumption and capitalist enthusiam that is Mike Perham, Mike has done gone all the way around the world by boat in the water.
Unfortunately, the boat is called, which is a little embarrassing while the world's economy is collapsing, but I didn't name it.
Nor did I sail it.
Mike did, and I congratulate him on completing "the voyage for madmen." Especially since he's the youngest person ever to do it.
Now, we'll talk when teen Jessica Watson Jessicadoes it.
And then again very possibly when thirteen-year-old Dutch New Zealander (you'll have to read the story) Laura Dekker steals her own boat and escapes child protection custody to give it her own go.I've sailed with Dutch children. And Kiwis. I imagine this will not end pleasantly for anyone who's over the age of fifteen.Kids today.

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