Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weather Alerts, to starboard

After reading Down at the Docks, Rory Nugent's "personal history" of some miserable little fishing village called, I guess, "Nuge Bedford," I now feel very self-conscious about inserting myself into my own journal.
I'll get over that, I'm sure, and I have no aspiration to simply wander into a scene, announce that I've just delivered a boat or driven around aimlessly with a junkie and then whip up a paragraph or two with names, dates, and statistics to inveigle some respect or trust out of you readers.
To be sure, I have made some disparaging remarks concerning communities on The Beach. But The Beach is where I am. I use this forum to cast out some of the putresence that passes for discriminate confederacy here where "sailing" is a slapdash luxury for sportive pueriles or a pedantic opportunity for those who obsess over factory specifications. Those "blogs" do very well, I'm sure.
At the nav station, I gravitate to the weatherfax or the Weatherpak or the computer with the NOAA hookup. You're aware -- because you are observant and you are actually on this site and not reading it on a Blackberry like I am -- that over to starboard I publish a list of severe weather notifications that I keep relatively current.
When I hear about an Atlantic storm, I'll give you the link to the National Hurricane Center page where you can observe information about that particular weather event.
I do this because weather is a hobby that teaches and rewards.
I hope that these releases furnish you with some advantage during the Atlantic storm season.

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