Friday, September 25, 2009

In New Bedford news...

Much to my delight, our local paper recently vaguely "announced" that it was going to "fix something" about their comments section and install a better version.
Just going out for a pack of Trident.
Be right back.
I relish the few days that I have had checking in with the aliterate typists at the Standard-Times now that the racist xenophobic Objectivist teabaggers are not visible. In spite of the fact that the online version of the paper only appears as gobbledygook HTML codes and topic headings that take up two-thirds of the screen before getting to the usual speculative reality-free jottings of the scoundrels who actually do get paid to provide content in column inches.
So, where does one turn for local news?
Only the ludicrously optimistic would dial up the local radio station for such a commodity. But dial up I did, and listened as the Executive Director of the Zeiterion Theatre -- who has a flair for marketing that rivals that of a Scientologist -- chatted on WBSM's ONE WHOLE WEEKLY HOUR of local-oriented arts and community event programming.
With the microphone before her face, she dropped entertainment names: Frank Sinatra Junior is appearing this weekend, as well as Marianne Faithful, who, according to the Z's boss, "has a much lower voice that you're used to. I heard her singing some Rolling Stones song on the folk radio and it's ... different." Show host Richard Cardoza clutched at the walls, endured redundant and soulless advertising copy, and the board-op kept insisting that Frank Sinatra was "the first Rock'n'Roller."
And then the Director of the Z announced that she had a big surprise. She had contracted with some bunch of annoying exhibitionists who would "entertain" show-goers while they wait in line. "Entertain." How? Card tricks? Singalongs? Balloon animals?
Or something else...


karie said...

LOVIN' the flying pig! I can't stop playing it and laughing.

P J said...

Thanks! But I had to wait so that I wouldn't ruin Katherine's BIG SURPRISE!!1!

karie said...

WAIT A MINUTE! Marianne Faithful "singing some Rolling Stones song"??!!!

She WROTE that Rolling Stones song!