Thursday, September 10, 2009

This obviously won't last...

It's like they're begging for it...This morning, as fresh northeasterly gales gusted through the fenestrella the odoriferous smack of apples still hanging on limbs in some unseen orchard, I saw the above headline over a small article on SouthCoastTodayDotCom.
Sure, the "article," at five paragraphs, is terribly brief and arguments may be made concerning the need for its own separate space online or in print. It isn't even a clear reiteration of remarks from the late Senator's correspondence with the President of the United States. Which is a shame, because the President of the United States used lines from that letter -- to competent rhetorical effect -- in last night's address to a joint session of Congress. If you didn't hear the President's address last night, you can read it here.
Although my sometimes overweening altruism doesn't make me any friends with the Ayn Rand crowd, I am not a creature with a bounteous bleeding heart, and I will cringe when I see an opportunity for the evil in my fellows to bubble up and annoy others.
Which explains why I recoiled in horror at that headline. It has all of the bright shiny triggers that egg on those clowns who can't help but log on to sully and soil my newspaper enjoyment. Such as it is.
I mean, look: It's got the President of the United States, now merely a target for intolerant goons; it's got Ted Kennedy, the very face of entitled East Coast liberalism to those same goons; and. it has "health care," the biggest and bestest reason to act like an uniformed and ill-mannered idiot EVAH.
I expected a massacre -- hundreds of little blocks of Arial font indignities and misspellings and "it's" for "its" and "there" for "their" and "Chappaquiddicks" and "death panels" and vulgarity and personal attacks. I steeled myself and scrolled down the page...
And all I saw was: It seems too... IT'S A TRAP!!1!And that's it. No commentarazzi and their horrid boorishness. Just a suggestion to the knuckledraggers to pull away from the screen, grasp their least-gnawed crayons, and write a civil letter to the editor. Or, an e-mail. And sign it.
I expect that it's too much to ask that some of this positive acculturation might light upon the airwaves as well.

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karie said...

THANK GOODNESS! Somebody at that paper finally had the decency to say "some stories deserve to be protected from the feces throwing local monkey population." I am relieved. At least this time.