Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Are you losing sleep?"

While I was pestering the Genoese plastering artisan contracted to replace the sunroom ceiling fresco here at stately Goon Manor, I happened to hear his arch comments to his apprentice concerning the current "War on FoxNews" being waged by the White House:
"These guys call everybody's problems with everybody a 'War on...' Christmas, the White House, whatever. It's like them who call foresting 'rape.' Excuse my bluntness, Signore, but 'rape' is a very special horrible word, and I wouldn't use it for just cutting down trees. 'War,' same thing. These gavones are ridiculous.":

I could have added a chestnut of my own as I recall an incident from my youth when a fledgling reporter at a news outlet at which I toiled complained that he wasn't getting his due respect and admiration from a three-time mayor and former state representative.
"The guy didn't come to the phone and never called back. I'm gonna say that on the air.'He didn't deign to return calls from our newsroom.'"
"But he doesn't have any reason to call you back. The story you're talking about was dead three days ago. This isn't even follow-up. What are you, just be rubbing it in?"
"Whaddaya mean? We're the Number One news station! He HAS to talk to us."
"We're the only news station. And talking to us about a non-story would be a huge public relations mistake and a waste of time. Call him with something real, or at least something current that he might recognize."
The reporter continued to battle a phantasm: this imaginary being that looked like a certain politician who had insulted and ignored our poor little newsroom.
So, excuse me when I point out that a tremendously "successful" (although sponsors bail daily) teevee operation complains about unfair treatment.

My advice: Admit what you are and grow up.


Anonymous said...

A ceiling in the sun room? How does the sun get it?

PJ said...

It's THAT big.