Friday, October 23, 2009

The funniest thing...

Yesterday's rant against teevee "news" was partially a misdirected screed brought on by the clutter and disarray left behind and neglected by tradesmen as they have once again extended the current disruptive epoch of simple "home improvement." (I would like to move the phalænopsis back before they start Winter spiking. Is that so wrong?)
It has been more than a decade since I was a professional customer service trainer , so I may be a bit behind in current customs and fashions in customer service, but I have never advocated that "customer service" merely entails "providing a service for the customer." Sometimes just cleaning up after yourself falls under the heading "value-added."
Which is why I now admire the work of the 24-hour comedy stations that burlesque actual news programming, since we don't have the real thing anymore and the memories of it do need some squibbing.
And what better chumps than elected officials who can't overlook any opportunity to yuk it up for the cameras?
To some, 'An Inconvenient Truth' is nearly this entertaining.The performers who wallow in the political end of the entertainment spectrum are always showing up on teevee. 'Of the indignities I may suffer at the hands of animators, none is as demeaning as that damn kid.'George Herbert Walker Bush appeared on The Simpsons, as did Tony Blair. Al Gore appeared on 30 Rock and was practically a regular on Futurama.Carbon footprint? I'm only a HEAD! The Mayors of New York City are always on Saturday Night Live. Tip O'Neill was on Cheers. With bar apps, all politics is low-cal. Bill Clinton (when he was still only a Governor) played saxophone on Arsenio Hall, and Barack Obama has been on everything Ellen to Leno to The Colbert Report. Even Sarah Palin appeared on SNL -- surely fully complicit in and aware of having been mercilessly mocked on previous episodes. (I mean, you have to be a real lame-brain to not recognize when Tina Fey is goofing on you.)
So what's up with "politicians" not wanting to go on certain funnies? Loosen up, have a little fun. Fox News mines comedy gold from the original sources: the hysterical non-sequiturs of Headline News, the shrill spectacle of CNN, the awkward dimwitted folksiness of network news anchors, and the ineptitude and egotism of local "newsteams." Fox News lifts from some greats. So what if some of the subtler lampoons are a bit opaque. The constant "Americans are evenly split" catchphrase is turning into this season's "fair and balanced" or "wild and crazy guys." (Speaking of Seventies laffs, is Dickie "Mr. Jaws" Goodman doing their editing?). The Colbert parodies alone -- although too numerous and too often too unfunny -- are inspired and inspiring satire. My favorite bits are when has-been losers and also-rans make up absurdities and harangue current pols. Does that zany radio Rush guy have a show there? Because telling an environmental writer to blow himself up is, among a certain sect, funny. Also, the upcoming "War on Christmas" stuff (seems earlier every year, don't it ?). A real laugh riot.


HD said...

Hey P.J. you forgot this: Fox and Rush lie about Obama's masters thesis. You're right. These guys should be in jail. But the privatized jails are run by Rethugs. You're lucky to be doing work on your house. As you know, some people have been foreclosed. No offense intended.

PJ said...

HD: I don't support burdening the already-strapped public incarceration system with entertainers who suck. Maybe a Private Prison Teevee Network will employ these clowns.

As far as my home and those foreclosed upon are concerned, I stand by my previous statement, HD: "Nobody should have two or more houses until everybody has one."

Carol said...

FYI, your favorite pirate boat is for sale:

PJ said...

See how the SouthCoast business plan works? You're dedicated to helping your community, create something everyone can enjoy, give others the opportunity to experience/share the success, and you move on.

Like the Lone Ranger. Or Richard Kimble.

karie said...

That pirate boat ad was almost as entertaining as this post! I thought they were supposed to be "educating and entertaining children" with that new New Bedford "attraction." Pretty scary stuff "ang" junk.