Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Great American Tradition


The town of Dartmouth's Fall Town Meeting falls underway in town tonight. And on the agenda warrant, besides the usual budgetary matters like whether we should have full-day kindergarten (I approve, since the more those brats are off the streets, the better) and transfers and invoices and amendments, this little piece of patriotism or protectionism, depending on which side of the isolationist-supply side line you fall:Wait? A Democratic-sponsored FLAG amendment. I'd better switch to bottled water. All is not lost, super patriots!Ann Miller votes 'Aye!'Ava Gardner votes 'Aye-Aye!'And tonight's skies also play host to the Orionid meteor showers, allowing for any number of clever double entendres.

And Sherilynn Fenn ... AY-YI -- oh, never mind...

(This presentation includes photographs of Ann Miller, Ava Gardner, and Sherilynn Fenn.)

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