Thursday, October 1, 2009

So Little Dartmouth

It has occurred to me that, although this Journal has often featured my magical little hamlet -- Dartmouth Massachusetts, specifically not North Dartmouth, where the Mall is -- I rarely am recognized by local Internet talents that I consider neighbors.
Granted, they don't appear in my "LINKS" section, either.
And I don't hyperlink to them like I do to Armagideon Time, particularly because they don't EVER feature cool stuff like the Halloween Countdown, one reason that I didn't have the Internet shut off with the teevee and telephone.
Mayhaps the parishioners' reticence is due to the exigency that I don't share the local propensity for dull reality. (Or any reality, truth be told.)
It may be due to the fact that I don't go to Town Meetings or report on them or take them in any way seriously, but I do pride myself on my attention to history.
So let me apologize to them, and celebrate with them this most agreeable time of year, which is especially agreeable here in the land once called "Apponogansett." Although "Apponogansett" is actually the water, not the land, but you can't have everything.
Unless you have more metal buildings.
This current and present October First -- besides being the First Day in the Halloween Countdown -- is former Senator Rufus Choate's 210th Birthday. Choate, born in Ipswich in 1799, is one of those great Massachusetts orators. Like Daniel Webster, John F Kennedy, and Mike Dukakis. After serving in the United States Senate representing the Commonwealth (where he presciently opposed annexing Texas), Rufus Choate was the first lawyer to use the "insanity" defense. "'Insanity of sleep' defense," more specifically. So there's that.
For those wondering why I should point out any of this, there's a Rufus Choate Scholarship at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. And we have a University of Massachusetts here in Dartmouth Massachusetts.
And that, stretching quite a bit, is what Rufus Choate has to do with Dartmouth.
Another great historical name in Massachusetts is "Adams." So here's a snap of Texan Jane "Poni" Adams (the one who played Nurse Nina in 1945's House of Dracula, not the Jane Adams from Eternal Sunshine of the Something et cetera) apparently encouraging young people to worship occult things. Like Harry Potter.Enjoying Banned Books Week?


steve said...

I'd certainly like to read more from you about the Dartmouth Mall. Is that Orange Julius still there? I have been there since at least the Carter Administration.

steve said...

Eh, lost the negative in that first post, haven't been to that Mall in decades.

P J said...

Don't worry, it has plenty of negatives.