Saturday, October 3, 2009

'Tis the Season, 2...

Smell that? Newage truths waft from the Occult-Astrology-HomeNecromancy shelves in bookstores like the smell of patchouli at a Dead show, as if to cover up something else. "Astrology" has never stipulated that people with the same birthday share the same fate. That would be weird. (Which would be just appropriate enough for the season.)
But it is possible that two people with the same birthday can share the same height.

She played a witch in some movie.

Neve Campbell, 3 October 1973: 5'7"

Seriously. What can I do with this?

Gwen Stefani, 3 October 1969: 5'7"

Gwen is FOUR years older than Neve, and you might already have noticed that both "GWEN" and "NEVE" contain 4 letters (AND, for that matter, "STEF"). Yet ANOTHER reason why New Age pseudoscience is so darned intriguing.

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karie said...

aslo GORE Vidal. I am unaware of his height, but he and GWEN and NEVE! Wow, THAT can't be a coincidence.