Friday, November 6, 2009

Beat it, Moondoggie...

Sure. I could crack wise and add my two cents to the ever-widening gyre of doomdrawlers grumbling and sniveling about Tuesday's election results. But, I've turned a page here in the Journal, and eschew populist casuistry to display my pride in relatives and acquaintances involved in important governance issues and campaigns. And we're all lucky that none of them is involved in the nonsense occurring nationally. Unfortunately, we all know that the next election might change everything or reinforce everything that we're thinking right now about our fellow citizens.

This was taken yesterday.

MusicienneCenterfold Hoser

Union organizerHandy Postulant Hottie
(This presentation contains photographs of and is dedicated to remarkably prescient political contributor Sally Field.)

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steve said...

Despite her long career, she'll always be the Flying Nun for me!