Friday, December 4, 2009

Apparently, Kids DO NOT Say the "Darnedest" Things.

I heard about this on our local talk radio. Host was getting quite a bit sauced about it, drooling and frothing, so I couldn't really make it out. Something about a big hoax. I thought that it was about the climate thing, but the wireless reception here on the timemarsh is a little funny since Colonel Green's radiodome wnet down, so I think this is what the gag is about...
Call it what you will -- Precocious Kids Hoax, Childrens' Television Whitewash -- but this Art Linkletter character perpetrated the most elaborately vicious and perfidious examples of mendacity.
Using what are obviously staged and carefully edited interviews, Linkletter's weekly television documentary program fooled viewers into believing that kids actually do say the darnedest things.
However, interstudio memorandums have been brought to light (while a maintenance crew was clearing Linkletter's old studio for a reality program starring Lou Dobbs and Sarah Palin)that show clearly that Linkletter's crew -- and obviously Linkletter himself -- was involved in a huge "production" that involved nothing less than coverups, staged antics, and special lighting effects.
These kids saying allegedly the darnedest things were, for the most part, just regular youngsters who, as seen in every other generation of youngster, did not say the darnedest things. At all.
Those alarmists who believe that kids do indeed say the darnedest things have been found out by a group calling themselves "realists" who claim that the found memos make references to a “trick” that would “hide the not-darnedness” of kids statements, and instructions to "edit" contrary data from the broadcast. ("Edit" -- some television professionals admit -- means, "to edit.")

The most damaging revelations indicate that producers -- all members of the Hollywood liberal elite -- may have “manipulated or suppressed evidence in order to support their cause” -- that of kids saying the darnedest things.
Many of these Realists insist that they themselves did not say the darnedest things as children, that their own kids do not say the darnedest things, and believe that Mr Linkletter's insistence that kids say the darnedest things stems from his being born in Canada, where kids may have once said the darnedest things, but no longer do because of socialism
I don't buy it. Linkletter seems like a pretty nice guy...

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As long as it's only the data they were "massaging."