Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Boxtroversy continues...

Some readers of this Journal have tossed their heaving lines onto the deck of the good ship "Boxing Day" and I feel strongly about an omission that your host had deliberated. You know that after this, it's either 'Cosby' or 'SeaQuest DSV'for me.This is a character named "Box," from the 1976 film Logan's Run, portrayed -- with dryer hoses and shiny stuff -- by Roscoe Lee Browne. Logan's Run was a popular sci-fi buddy film set in a pleasant enough future, if you don't mind having to live entirely indoors and die at the age of thirty.
The only thing that I can recall about Logan's Run is Jenny Agutter. Or, most likely, her outfit: A 3-foot by 3-foot piece of green silk.She was also in a 1971 movie called Walkabout, where her character's wardrobe was less oppressive.(     ) But, I enjoy sharing images here in the Journal, so, here is a photograph of Jenny Agutter: But I'd like to direct... when she was twelve.
She is now 57, and looks remarkably similar. No I wouldn't.
Although I remember her best from An American Werewolf in Nurse Alex Price

(This presenttation included photographs of Jenny Ann Agutter.)


karie said...

I was a particularly big fan of this movie in 1976. It was one of those I went to with a friend "without grown-ups" and we felt pretty good about that. I can't say I remember this actress (or her costume, or lack thereof) at all, though...just dreamy Michael York. And the fact that "thirty something seemed kinda old," but that the "old man" at the end did not seem particularly "old" at all, really - even though I was still in grade school. I was glad they got to go outside! YAY.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Jenny! The most beautiful woman on the planet.

PJ said...

With the right music, I could sit through a film of her eyes while she scans the classifieds.