Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23

The "23" reminds us that today is Christmas Adam. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, of course, and Holiday anticipation approaches feverish preoccupation. Imaginative readers have conjectured that the biblical "Adam" might have been anticipating his "Eve," although he has to get knocked out and mussed up a bit before encountering her. Eve is introduced after Adam in the Creation narrative, so the day before Christmas Eve is traditionally known as "Christmas Adam." (A hypothetical exegesis was also hyperbolically related here).
Looking at the "23" above reminds me of the "33" on the Rolling Rock beer bottle. It's a lot like beer. only without all that beerness of other beers.
And beer reminds one of pizza.
Pizza reminds me of this image of ginchy Welsh teevee star Eve Myles, A new mom, she's the pride of Ystradgynlais."Gwen Cooper" from that Torchwood one. (I cannot vouch for Welsh pizza.)

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