Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve. And Tina, and Eliza, and...

The tobacco cigarette once was held
in high regard among the swells
exactly how alcohol now is.
A sip for celebratory cheers
moody contemplation, tears,
or proof of frathouse prowess.
This should settle that 'Ginger-or-MaryAnn?' thing once and for all.
So the bubbly seems the reason
for get-togethers this festive season,
when conviviality should be.
Pious remembrance not withstanding
a denouement should bring understanding,
hope for future joviality that would be.
The Boston Diva supports M.A.D.D. The elegant look of stucco and sofa-size art.Billie Piper, in Jenny Agutter's outfit from Logan's Run.
As you raise a glass or if you don't
or if you scowl at those who won't
or if you merely nod and wink,
as you regard the changing calendar page
that indicates your own advancing age
and proposes that you drink...
The Hairy Eyeball Club. The Hairy Eyeball Club with Glove. Class.
She lived on champagne and sponge cake.
Do try to remember
That we're all in this together.

(This presentation includes images of Tina Louise, Eliza Dushku (whose birthday was yesterday), Angelina Jolie, Billie Piper, Ann-Margret, Angie Dickinson, and Marilyn Monroe.)

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