Monday, January 11, 2010

"Ahab has his humanities..."

Pedestrian, parochial, and oppressively wearisome though the entire topic might appear even to the most vaguely-interested among the community, the evidence of interest was certainly splayed out by the New Bedford Whaling Museum at this past weekend's Moby-Dick Marathon (or insert your own clever Moby Monicker here, all the cool kids are doing it).
If the retweeted Tweets between the repeatedly tweeting Twitterers are to be believed, attendance was "a thousand," or in more less-than 140-characters speak: "1000." Since records indicate that 1300-something stopped in last year, I'll just mimic the current fashion in news reporting by breathlessly worrying that this year's attempt was a massive failure and that the country is split virtually in half about whether or not nobody cares about Moby-Dick, the book.
But what about that movie?
People care about the 1956 John Huston classic because it's at least 23 hours shorter than reading the book aloud.
And there's that cast. Gregory Peck. Orson Welles. The German guy who plays Queequeg. And Richard Basehart.
And we all know that Richard Basehart watches over us. According to Gypsy...

Do you see how he spins out of control like this?Which brings us to John Huston's colonization of New Bedford and Nantucket, as portrayed by the Irish port of Youghal. I recently mentioned Joan Plowright, but notice other names on the "Uncredited" section at IMDb:Now, I know what you're thinking, and yes, that's Mandy Harper who, as Amanda Coxell, was in allegedly delightful British serials like Four Winds Island and Masters of Venus and then became wardrobe specialist Mandy Dunn.
The other name that catches everyone's eye of course, is "Carol White."
This Carol White:
Carry On Teacher. Go right ahead.

'The Bardot of Battersea'?

Ah, sure, I can see the similarity...

(This presentation includes photographs of Carole Joan White.)

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