Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haitian Earthquake

Although "Haitian Earthquake" sounds like a pretty hip album title, a 7.3 quake (according to some reports) is terrible devastation. Some people have been there for a while, handing out what Hope is left of the Good Word. These people now have to do the work that they may have never been prepared to do. After all, proselytizing and sermonizing are very different when you're knee-deep in what many will claim is easy proof that there is no benevolent spirit watching over believers.
Prayers can be very comforting. I guess...... but unless the last prayer that you said comforted and provided clothing, food, shelter, and medical care to the families of thousands of dead Haitians, you might want to hedge that bet by sending a check to the American Red Cross or another reputable secular aid organization.
If those prayers are all that you can afford, make them count by telling others how to help.
The above link, for instance.


Anonymous said...

text the word "Haiti" to the number 90999

T & T Livesay said...

PJ -
You decided things about us without really knowing us or having any facts. We are in Haiti to help women give birth to babies and to love and respect them and hopefully train them in order to give them a hand-up. We don't come from a theology that believes we get a pass from pain and suffering just because we have faith in God.That is both juvenile and misguided.

Proselytizing and sermonizing don't come anywhere close to describing what we were doing for the four years prior to the earthquake or the months after. You got it wrong. Thanks for taking a wild guess at it though.

The American Red Cross cannot account for millions of dollars. Large NGO's spend far too much time and money on making things safe for their workers ... meanwhile small NGO's are out doing the real work and can account for what has been done with valuable resources.

I for one would take prayers over the Red Cross any day - everyday. Most Haitians would likely agree.

PJ said...

Dear Livesays,

The unrefined post that you are responding to was written and published one day after the quake with the intent to move people to some action, not to discount, deride, or degrade the work that you have been doing in Haiti. I apologize that I didn't make it clearer that you were not merely "proselytizing and sermonizing."

I have urged everyone to see what you do at your site, The Livesay [Haiti] Weblog.

I am fully aware of the corruption, inaccountability, and lack of transparency involved in organizations; I often work with and write about non-profits. I am also familiar with the challenges that you and others like you have to face.

I suspect that you haven't read much of The Journal, but at least see a piece that I wrote -- what it would have been like last January if I were still sailing other peoples' boats around the Caribbean.