Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Old Man: A Birthday Memory

'Fluff'? That's Wood, pal.Jessica Biel: Ely MN's most famous feet.
I spent an inordinately long and uncomfortable time sailing with a guy who would, when greeted by a woman on board a ship, remark: "I don't want to sound sexist, but ... I mean, I know plenty of women are captains, sure. But girls are usually deck fluff."That IS an oar. Which I'm pretty sure Sarah knows how to use.Paulette Goddard is boat.Merle Oberon is boat!When confronted with the usual stock of slackers, hipsters, and trustafarians who generally comprise the crews of TallShips™, he would opine: "A ship is no place for someone that age." And he confided in me that having a wife, girlfriend, or partner on board was probably never a good thing.
Photo courtesy: People Who Put Their Website Across The Princess' Hull.When offered the volunteer services of an old salt who had years of Navy and offshore sailing experience, he shook his head and confessed: "I don't think a fella that age should be on a ship like this."
Historical interpreters have no place on movie props.He didn't like "that damned history crap" on TallShips™.Hey Skip? Can you check down this tube? I'll light this match.Never could stand that guy.


bigsam27 said...

mmmmmm... deck fluff!

PJ said...

Thanks for enjoying my birthday, bigsam!