Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Over on the right...

Little did she know what 'Good Ship Lollipop' would come to mean to fellow Republicans.Shirley Jones. Her portrayal of a groovy hippie musician single mom had some people guessing. Jane's representin' the Second Amendment, melonfarmers!I do not speak for anyone else, and I dare not speculate as to the reasons why folk espouse causes or party affiliations. Nor is it fair or wise or humane or right to do so in any case.
Your host is blessed with the kind of imagination that allows for and welcomes the diversion and the merrymaking to be found in considering numberless potentialities both logical and unreasonable when given challenging circumstances.
Which, I suppose, will be an advantage around here for the next couple of years.
She has an official website.

(This presentation celebrates Shirley Temple Black, Shirley Jones, Jane Russell, and Cheryl Ladd .)


Chuck said...

Hey! Pictures of pretty girls! Helping to dull the pain of the stares of ignominy from all those future generations.

PJ said...

HEY!!! I deleted that bit. No fair! I was on the gun deck with an extra ration when I wrote that.