Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Apponogansett Tommy 2010

We're still not sure why he's outside Apponogansett Tommy reminds people that, no matter what semantics the others engage in -- damned Pennsylvanian rodents included -- there are forty-six days from today until the vernal equinox. Go ahead and count'em. (Roughly six and a half weeks left in the season of Winter.) Tommy's personal tender admits that the meterorologically-inclined mammal "doesn't hibernate so much as indulge in a felicitous lifestyle that involves lengthy napping periods. That lifestyle also includes eating, staring intently at absolutely nothing on that wall casing, and eating."

Tommy is exactly the same cat, whether vertical or horizontal.


Chuck said...

I'll see your "facts" about how many days of "winter" are left. Now I'll raise you this - we just bought a snow blower. There will be no more snow. Ever. Oh and that hat is some bad.

PJ said...

I won't tell the ski resorts of Cape Cod.

My lids are prodigious and as improbable as my neckwear, thanks for noting.