Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here's to Volleyball!

In 1895, the amateur sporting world was beside itself (or at least on the other end of the court in order to avoid an offsides) over the new indoor running back-and-forth ball game of BASKETBALL, which had been invented at the Springfield Massachusetts YMCA.It's Tuesday for Tuesday!
MassMoments, a terrific outfit that assists your Third Mate in keeping up with friends' birthdays and local historical events, shares the story of William G. Morgan, YMCA operative and hero to all sporting types who like to stand in one spot for lengthy periods of time watching as teammates scurry to achieve brief contact with a ball that scores points only when it goes someplace that no one expects it to, rather than into a mesh receptacle or goal or net.
At least, that's how I remember it from grade school activity periods.This, I do not remember from Bishop Dustybore high school hoops.Apparently, volleyball was originally considered a hybrid of basketball, tennis, and handball. Which would make it more of an amalgam than a hybrid, but its very existence gives me an excuse to warm the Winter pages of this Journal with sporty pictures, including this example of Rita Hayworth demonstrating instruments operated in a Nineteenth Century game that volleyball closely resembles, "Poonai" or "battledore and shuttlecock." More commonly: badminton.Polka dots and herringbone. Rita can get away with anything. An interesting note: Morgan nearly called his entertainment "Mintonette."
Readers will note that I have avoided the temptation to provide those sordid "beach volleyball" photographs which are readily available everywhere on the Internet. But someone has to hold up the bar. It is the Commander-In-Chief's DUTY to meet our champions on the field.

(This presentation includes photographs of Tuesday Weld, Alyson Hannigan, Rita Hayworth, Misty May-Treanor, Kerri Walsh, and some retired fellow.)
- And a special tip of the tricorn to C. Parker at Starlet Showcase.

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