Monday, February 8, 2010

LOng RAnge Navigation. Over. 8 tonight.

Myrna Loy demonstrates an early LORAN array.from the United States Coast Guard Navigation Center... LORAN-C has, as a result of technological advancements in the last 20 years, became an antiquated system no longer required by the armed forces, the transportation sector or the nation’s security interests and is used only by a small percentage of the population. If only Joan Blondell were in charge of Homeland Security...The Coast Guard understands that LORAN-C is still used by a small segment of the public and that those users will have to shift to GPS or other systems; however, continued use of limited resources to operate LORAN-C is no longer prudent use of taxpayer funds and is not allowed under the 2010 DHS Appropriation Act. The Coast Guard has enjoyed a long and close relationship with the many communities located near LORAN-C facilities and we value those relationships. The Coast Guard will continue to honor those relationships by working to minimize any adverse impacts to communities caused by site closures.The decision to cease transmission of the LORAN-C signal reflects the president’s pledge to eliminate unnecessary federal programs.
The U.S. Sitting on a Beach in a Giant Shell program is also being phased out in FY12.

(This presentation includes photographs of Myrna Loy, Joan Blondell, and Joan Collins.)

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