Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So far... so good

Still complying with Federal laws, even with a crazy new Senator.The New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park has joined the 380 or so other National Parks who are obliged to allow loaded firearms to be carried on Park Premises EXCEPT FOR IN FEDERAL BUILDINGS OR IN FACILITIES LIKE VISITORS CENTERS. (Because that's illegal anyway, so stop frightening the docents.)
A brief National Park aside: One might think that "The New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park" is the park with the longest name, but the National Park Service has sponsored a rumpus each year since the Ford administration to determine the national monument, park, heritage site, or scenic landscape that can negotiate the highest word count and challenge the Federally-contracted signmakers. Rhode Island and Massachusetts share the same winning entry: The John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor, which could have won two years in a row if they had only heeded my advice and added "Senator." (I blame Ken Burns.)
The current administration couldn't pull a little superfluous amendment out of the credit card reform bill, so now my gun-toting pal at The Garden can feel comfortable carrying as he ambles back to his Dodge Charger parked in the Custom House Parking Lot, safe in the knowledge that his rights as a licensed gun owner are safe in New Bedford.
Waitamminnit... His rights as a gun owner are already safe in New Bedford. And in all of Massachusetts, even with a new crazy Senator.
Y'see, the Commonwealth allows licensed carry. Which is the short "cool" way to say "carrying a weapon with a license." (Some folk have a to sound like characters on teevee cop shows; it's a self-esteem thing.) The writing on the back of the envelope for a Class A License to Carry goes something like this:

CLASS “A" LTC: Permits the purchase, possession and carrying of all ammunition, handguns, rifles, shotguns and feeding devices (both large and non-large capacity). This is the only license that allows the carrying of concealed handguns-either loaded or unloaded.
I had been under the impression that "feeding devices" refers to china sets and silverware, but the guy at the ammo shack looks askance when I note that.
The New Bedford Whaling National Park is a twelve-or-so-block section of New Bedford that includes some capital real estate in Downtown New Bedford and affords a fine view of Fish Island and the Acush (according to this map): ''And this is where Jonathan Bourne hides his stash.'' That never gets old.Downtown New Bedford is noteworthy to contemporary excursionists for playing host to AHA! every second Thursday and to SummerFest every Summer. (There's one Summerfest website that calls it a folk festival, and there's also another website that belongs to the defunct local newspaper, but I hear that you have to register in order to see it.) The National Historical Park is also a block from the "Star Store," the former department store and site of UMass-Dartmouth's College of Visual and Performing Arts. So, if there's a local chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, they can feel good about that.Actually, this is a pic of Ronny Cox at last year's event.
And I guess that Ted Nugent can finally play at SummerFest.


karie said...


Thanks for plugging and linking AHA! Much appreciated.

steve said...

Wouldn't a harpoon be more authentic?

PJ said...

steve, you can't use the word "authentic" when describing New Bedford.

That is, after the "Call Me Authentic" public relations campaign discovered that nobody could make the "Call me Ishmael -> Moby-Dick -> whaling -> New Bedford" connections.

That, and not being able to tell the difference between cobblestone and Belgian block.

steve said...

Really? Do not all the students in New Bedford read Moby Dick? If not the opening line of the book, then what? As for the harpoon by itself, do some people take it for a beer commercial, rather than a plug for the whaling museum? BTW, neat museum.