Thursday, March 11, 2010

Climate Change Denier Predicts Big 2010 Storm Season

Joe Bastardi -- one operative of that cabal of loosely-connected entertainers who are also meteorological scientists, AccuWeather -- has made a dire prediction for the North Atlantic Storm Season which begins this June 1.
Joe is a frequent guest on teevee programs that require a scientific expert to argue against widespread environmental theories that are based on non-Joe Bastardi scientific evidence. This can be edifying and entertaining, until someone says "Al Gore." Then it becomes a rhetoric and statistic challenge to determine which contestant can more effectively call his foil "big fat stupid-head." This surely will not go well.I'm not one of those who looks at weather and calls it "climate." The snows in the MidAtlantic region this Winter were -- by my lights -- a fluke. Because they don't usually get twenty inches of snow. To claim that such weather is proof that "Global Warmening is a big liberal lie" is a wild stretch.
I prefer to look outside of myself in matters of global climate, think of future generations, and admit that "Mylar balloons kill sea creatures" and "cars make smog." So, I do not buy Mylar balloons and I drive less. And if Green industries create a few more jobs: then, good.
Joe calls his opponents "alarmists." I define an "alarmist" as someone who, in March, three months before North Atlantic Storm Season, "is forecasting seven landfalls. Five will be hurricanes, and two or three of the hurricanes will be major landfalls for the U.S.[sic] He is calling for 16 to 18 tropical storms in total, 15 of which would be in the western Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico, and therefore a threat to land(from AccuWeather.)."
Call me a Neo-Luddite, but I stopped listening to radio because I had grown tired of maladroit news readers inserting the term "Foreign-Born Socialist" into broadcast segments regarding the President ; I stopped watching teevee news because my smarts were being pulled out through my eyes; newspapers stopped delivering into Dartmouth because they started believing their own concocted stories of vicious coyote attacks. I would like to say that I have chosen to turn to blogs for my news, but I don't take my own web presence too terribly seriously, so I certainly cannot be expected to invest in anyone else's. (Except for Andrew at Armagideon Time. Whose birthday, I hope, is boffo and diverting.)
It is possible, however, to conjecture based on past experience. Whether an actual storm watch or warning is issued in anticipation of a significant weather event, one can be sure that there'll be someone with flashy graphics entreating us to over-prepare, overcompensate for a lack of preparation, or simply panic. So, I made a few predictions of my own: I tend to underestimate.Oh, and there's a tropical cyclone -- NOT A HURRICANE -- off the southwest coast of Brazil as of this edit(1600).

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karie said...

Personally, I think the number of boys who cry "wolf!" will prove to be significantly higher.