Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Congratulations, Fall River !!1!

The rivalry once had something to do with high school sports, but those Business Club extracurriculars sure paid off better than windsprints. New Bedford can no longer cast a long dark imaginary shadow of relative success over its neighbor to the west.
A Fall River-based corporate chain of motels (that provides Little Debbie™ products as their Continental Breakfast) has won the emptiest victory of Ever by destroying the only chunk of New Bedford historical significance that hasn't yet been sold for a dollar or sunk into the harbor. Or lost at sea. Or bought by out-of-town interests. Or anxiously hidden away by jealous caretakers. Or burned to the ground. Or smashed to make room for a discount supermarket. You can quit trying now.
"It took some finagling," says some guy I'm sure probably exists. "But we got TIFs and a $250,000 loan, and we got in on the waterfront by circumventing or ignoring all that preservation crap and we wrecked a big whaley-boily burny-firey thing that some smartypants called a tryworks."The tryworks -- part of the Baker-Robinson whale oil refinery that's going to wake up someday this July as a beige-and-powderblue dining hall conference center -- is pretty much wrecked, as shown in this picture by David Oliveira of the Standard-Times, which was featured in an enigmatically terse Jack Spillane blog entry.''Work up a good sweat in our exercise room. Or tryworks.''
Perhaps the most satisfying achievement for B.M.C. Durfee High School alums, however, is knowing that the soon-to-be-mildewy no-tell crashpad is named "Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott," a name that -- not counting the 'Inn' or ampersand -- has nothing at all to do with "whaling" or "The Whaling City." (Plus, that's what New London CT calls itself, anyway.)

-with special thanks to Carol Steinfeld,
whose investigation is actually a serious one.


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Assume you're covering the word "anything" below the "We'll try" motto for Fall River.

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Unfortunately, budget cuts in the Seventies forced the removal of that lower scroll.