Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Even my pro-local-business sentiments...

... don't extend to excusing this sort of a tease:''Last 3 pays $118'' There. I'm a giver.

Never mind that most "Subscriber Content Previews" of news articles only provide two-thirds of the obligatory cutesy pun-garnished and fact-diminished first sentence of an article. Why does the online version of Standard-Times hate its lottery-playing readers so? (If you were to "subscribe" --pay $3.56 -- you could get the paper delivered AND have full access to the website weekly. But if you were to have the paper delivered, why would you bother to go to over-stuffed and poorly-managed website? Particularly for lottery numbers. Which are available at The Lottery website. Or at the store, for that matter, where you bought your ticket.)
Marketing FAIL.

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