Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is Morality Censorship?

Here's John C. McGinley from some teevee show walking right into a moral complexity...
No problem, however, with that character using girls names to insult another doctor. I suspect that "Patricia," "Pam," "Helen," "Billie," "Nicole," "Deb," "Nancy," "Kathleen," "Mary," "Loretta," and "Grace" might each have her own ideas about that. "Words are powerful," indeed, but willing them to disappear will not diminish peoples' continuing proclivity to insult, demean, marginalize, and demonize. We humans are an inventive lot; we'll come up with new ways.
Until that day, I'll try to employ more accurate monickers and epithets.


Karie said...

Thank you for pointing out the insult that demeaning a personal by calling him a girls name truly is! I always just put it to the framing of this character, who is complicated, yet a pretty ignorant. But, in the context of this video, which means well, it becomes simply rediculous.

Anonymous said...

and what's up with cox's face?