Friday, March 26, 2010


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You might think that with my heretofore covert fascination with Tiki culture -- or at least with rum beverages -- I would at least have mentioned the Plastiki mission. David De Rothschild, environmentalist and adventurer, has put together a crew, a program, a website with imaginatively informative and entertaining animations, and a multihull made out of reclaimed plastics. Plastiki is, and is now sailing across the Pacific.
Never one to not give free publicity to folk who (a) seem to enjoy the water, and (b) seem to not want to wreck the whole planet, I'm thrilled to keep an eye on their progress and urge shipmates to do so as well. A permanent link to the Plastiki website is over in the port "link" section.

(They've been out for a week, covered 545 nautical miles so far as of this writing. Fair winds to them!)

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