Monday, April 12, 2010

Donning the Wool

In its strictest sense, this feature should honor or commemorate someone who can be found portraying an historical figure (or amalgam of individuals of a given epoch or setting), most likely in a school room or heritage site.
Not actors, but rather those historians who endure bratty schoolkids and insipid tourists who may not be entertained or edified. These personators rarely enjoy the benefits of trailer or assistants. And often without recognition from the public or from peers.
In other words; not Paul Giamatti.
However, the idea of working six months out of the year to bring a historical figure to others is a noble one, whether you're in stinky wool or a confortable stage set.
Such a one was Eddie Carroll.
Eddie will be probably best remembered for his voice work portraying the de facto human spirit of Walt Disney, Inc.:

But Eddie also portrayed a figure that's not so familiar anymore. Lost in the celebrity flood of the last few decades, Jack Benny -- once a show-biz icon -- is a longlost relic of a time when radio was actually entertaining and even the mean guys were likeable. So likeable, in fact, that he's on a stamp. And probably only known to toiday's audiences through the work of Edie Carroll.

Eddie died last Tuesday. You can read more about here on on his site.

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