Friday, April 30, 2010

Something about light, tunnel

as reported in the local paper...

April 30, 2010
NEW BEDFORD — The developers of the newly approved Cape Wind project are eyeing New Bedford as one of two possible home ports for the wind farm, a project official confirmed yesterday.

"We're taking a very close and interested look in New Bedford," said Mark Rodgers, communications director for Cape Wind.

The other port under consideration is Quonset Point in Rhode Island, according to Rodgers.

The proposal by Cape Wind Associates LLC to build 130 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound was approved Wednesday by U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Rodgers said project officials had considered about six ports and had originally intended to use Quonset Point.

However, over the past two years, the developers have become more and more interested in New Bedford, he said.

"Part of it is just that it's closer, part of it is that it's nice that it's in Massachusetts since the project will be offshore Massachusetts," Rodgers said. "And then part of it, again, comes down to the mayor's team, and them being really proactive and great people to work with."

Rodgers said New Bedford has a number of attributes that make it well suited to Cape Wind's needs, including a deep-water port, a good location that is in close physical proximity to the Cape Wind project, and an available work force.

Additionally, Rodgers said he was impressed with the way city officials such as Matthew Morrissey and Kristin Decas — economic development director and executive director of the Harbor Development Commission, respectively — are working to place the city ahead of important trends.

"They're ... trying to think long-term and how they can position New Bedford and the New Bedford waterfront to maximize its potential," he said.

A wind turbine has never fallen over, dumping 11 million gallons of oil into the ocean. I rescind the preceding nasties. Good luck, everybody.
Fair winds.

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