Friday, May 28, 2010


According to the local newspaper, New Bedford may have guests visiting from "out of this world." The Other Whaling City now has a hotel nowhere near downtown but everyone calls it "the downtown hotel."

Matthew Morrissey, executive director of the New Bedford Economic Development Council, similarly hailed the development as a boon to the city. The picture's from the S-T, or possibly a Caprican e-paper"Based on the level of finish and the look of the place, we're already booking some ... major companies in the region to do corporate retreats here," he said, describing how the council has brought CEOs through the building for tours. "Universally, everyone is impressed with the Lafrance family's work."(emphasis mine)
I'm curious. What exactly was ommitted through the use of that ellipsis? "We've already booked some..." Some what? I know some Universal travelers who might enjoy a short stay in NB...
Better shot of lobbyThey've stayed in worse places.RIGHT AK NEXT TO THE AK ICE MACHINE AK AKI am leaving soon, and you will forgive me if I speak bluntly.Moar stuffiez.
Tonight in our lounge, for the kids...... and for William Shatner.I swear it must've been her sister I saw on AHA! night...
(Among others, the presentation includes photographs of Yvonne Craig and Claudia Black.)

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