Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My Beloved and I enjoyed a clamboil last night. A new steamer (tiered, and with a spigot for delectable broth) will entice foods into it. Living, as we do, within shucking distance of fine seafood, a seafood boil was inevitable
Unfortunately, there was the formality of an unfortunate Bruins game, further evidence that sports franchises cannot afford to simply win a seven-game series in less than seven games.
I experience a state of euphoria after steamed clams and all the other items in a clamboil: potatoes (a limited nip of both white and sweet varieties), chouri├žo, sausages, onions, you know. Perhaps it's my unique personal chemistry -- due to renal dysfunction or some quirk of endocrinology -- but I achieve a transcendent state of well-being, a pleasant sense of near-intoxication after a classic shore dinner.
I have divined that the nicotine in potatoes -- a favorite vegetable I now must avoid due to high levels of potassium (twice that of bananas) -- acts on neuroreceptors, causing what I term a "bivalve bliss" or "clamboil high."
So, I didn't need to see this amateur video of the Gulf of Mexico.
You probably don't need to see it either, especially if you've been watching teevee shots of BP's former oil rig and all of those politicians standing in Louisiana shaking their heads and quoting the Bible or whatever it is they do nowadays to curry favor among those with whom they can still curry favor.
This is a damned mess.
Glad I got to use the new steam pot at least once.


karie said...

It was a darned delicious dinner (and I got that clamboil high, too.) Thank you for sharing such a special food experience!

And the Gulf Disaster is truly insult to the entire planet.

Anonymous said...

Bruins? What, people are still playing and watching hockey games!?! The ice and snow melted long ago.