Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

A Broadway star one hundred years ago, Fay Bainter won the 1938 Supporting Actress Academy Award for her turn as Aunt Belle in Jezebel. She acted on stage, on radio, in motion pictures and television, visited hospitals and entertained wounded soldiers during World War II.Buried in Arlington National Cemetery with her husband, Reginald VenableShe is buried in Arlington National Cemetery with her husband, Lieutenant Commander Reginald S. H. Venable.
Remember veterans -- and their wives -- this Memorial Day...


Andrew Weiss said...

Huh. Funny you mentioned the wives part. My dad just had my mom exhumed from her parents' plot and laid to rest in his reserved place at the Bourne National Cemetary.

PJ said...

I hope everyone finds peace.

The VA has more more pages dedicated to spouses' interment in national cemeteries than dedicated to veterans.

Even so, there's no "Veterans' Spouses' Memorial Day." I try to remember the ones who aren't on the banners.