Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Old Swamper's Return

This past week's foray into "On This Date in..." Land reminded me of the lost Blogger feature, The Old Swamper's Almanac. And what is an "almanac" if not a collection of dates and significances?
I admit that it may be a wearying exercise to manage two sites, particularly when acknowledgment is rarely forthcoming and I clearly apprehend mutterings from those to whom I have not been indiscriminately obsequious. I am not driven by any moral or ethical need to post regularly or even well, or to act as a public relations arm of any municipality, or public or private entity, or individual.
I may post here and there only intermittently, but I remain obligated to whatever quality I can commit.


Chuck said...

It never left my favorites tab. Glad to see I won't be told it isn't there anymore. Now that we're land payment owners we need it more than ever.

PJ said...

The Old Swamper may provide timely gardening tips, since growing your own food is a surefire money-saver.

Like: "Don't blame Al Gore for them tamataplants what froze in that late frost. You're the one who planted them in Mahch."

The unfortunate complication is that the address is different:

Blogger lost the old one.

Karie said...

Yay, Old Swamper! I was missin' that old truck masthead.